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The World Economic Forum’s Housing For All Initiative

The World Economic Forum has joined the list of illustrious international institutions bringing affordable housing into their portfolio of pressing global issues. Given the Forum’s prominent membership both in the developed and developing worlds, they’re aiming for positive impact at the highest levels of the corporate and […]

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China’s Cup Runneth Over

What happens when a developing country city finds itself in the grips of scarce land supply, developer land grabs and massive overbuilding of luxury housing – not to mention a free-flowing spigot of government money? Shanghai and Beijing! Kenneth Rogoff, now at Harvard, formerly IMF Chief Economist, […]

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Healthy Housing Information Resources in the US

The National Center for Healthy Housing in the US (NCHH) has just released a new suite of training and informational resources to help affordable housing professionals adopt sustainable and healthy building practices with funding from the Home Depot Foundation. Their resources feature case studies, fact sheets, webinars […]

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A Utopian Vision But Nobody Home

This FT article “No One Home” about Chenggong, China (20 km from Kunming in Yunnan Province) shows how government efforts to take pressure off of rapidly growing developing country cities don’t always work, but if you got deep pockets, as China does, you can sit out the […]

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Culture and Urban Regeneration

Not all city center revitalization projects are big-budget, high-end and large scale. Urban heritage districts need revitalized housing, market and commercial areas, social infrastructure, physical infrastructure and services to rebuild deteriorating communities. They also need cultural institutions. This New York Times article is a great example of […]

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