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Emphasis on Green Maintenance in Green Buildings

Nice to see that the 2010 Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) convention will focus on maintenance as a core element of green building. In fact, what happens after the building is built and companies are occupying these buildings is at least equally important to the […]

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Converging and Emerging: Philippines Real Estate Financial Innovation

The Philippines shows how emerging real estate markets are beginning to converge with developed markets. The opportunities in the Philippines revolve around the country’s burgeoning growth in back office outsourcing, remittances from foreign workers and rapid growth in regional tourist arrivals. The Philippines is starting to buzz […]

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What Does Multinationals’ Consumer Goods Strategy Have To Do With Inclusive Real Estate?

Capturing the world’s emerging middle class in the McKinsey Quarterly looks at consumer goods in rapid growth emerging markets and doles out advice to multinationals wanting to compete in these markets, but there is much here for domestic and international real estate developers and homebuilders to consider. […]

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Fixing India’s Property Rights Mess

The Wall Street Journal online’s article “India Lands in a Mess” discusses the thorny implications of one of India’s most important roadblocks to modernizing the country’s real estate markets: the weakness of private property rights. Tied up with this shortcoming is lack of information about who holds […]

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Housing China’s Millions: Passive vs. Active Strategies

China’s real estate community is in a stir over news published in the July 9th edition of the People’s Daily International. Titled “What Does the High Housing Vacancy Rate Mean?” (in Chinese), an economist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences estimates approximately 64.5 million currently empty […]

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India Developing Domestic Debt Markets for Infrastructure

India’s finally moving forward to promote domestic currency debt markets to facilitate infrastructure investment,  as reported here in Reuters. With 10-year term and 5-year lock-in,  India will have some major benchmark issues to help drive the growth of local bond markets. The lack of debt financing vehicles […]

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Brazil’s Housing Market Propelled by Minha Casa, Minha Vida Program

Reuters Real Estate’s broad brushstroke picture of affordable housing in Brazil, Government Program Boosts Brazil Housing Market, highlights the apartment buildings partly financed by subsidies for low-income families that are sprouting up all over Brazil thanks to the Minha Casa, Minha Vida program. About 410,000 contracts to […]

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International Private Equity Investments in Mexico Innovative Housing Scheme

“Mexico’s Urbi Teams Up With Aureos On Rent-To-Buy Home Sales” serves up some excitement for innovative impact investments in housing in developing countries. Urbi Desarrollos Urbanos is one of Mexico’s top three homebuilders with a special niche in the low cost housing market. Aureos Capital was established […]

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Merging Business Strategy and Green Building in India

This Live Mint article on Crisil’s new HQ in Hiranandani Gardens in Mumbai’s northern suburbs highlights how perceptions of green building are changing in rapidly growing developing cities like Mumbai, how a business merges its strategy with its environmental footprint and how green building projects are adapting […]

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