Developing Smart Cities

Developing smart cities are embracing investment in inclusive, sustainable growth to surmount the increasing challenge of haphazard urban development in emerging and frontier markets.

Which developing country cities are growing smarter? They’re the cities developing communities, not just houses and buildings, with social and market infrastructure.

Where developers, communities and cities are working together to resolve bigger urban infrastructure questions than shelter, you’ll find the most advanced questions: How will residents of new affordable housing find jobs, markets, health care, schools and community? Where will small and medium-sized services and manufacturers operate? How about the role of historic districts and tourism and entertainment assets? How can investment and development better utilize existing, often neglected infrastructure?

Smart developing country cities are coming up with the answers.

These cities are seizing new opportunities in re-creating their cities:

  • low-cost, affordable and workforce housing
  • transit-oriented development
  • inclusive social and commercial architecture
  • open space and public place-making
  • information technology solutions for services and citizen engagement

Developing smart cities know that inclusion means jobs, security and community as well as connectivity and infrastructure.

Developing smart cities are working to advance urban sustainability by building for the whole city not just the top tiers of society.

Developing smart cities build and recognize leaders among its entrepreneurs and civil society – leaders who are already embracing new models for developing the city.

Developing. Smart. Cities. Smart Cities Advisors can help.

The Developing Smart Cities platform is our major knowledge initiative in this realm. Read more about it here.

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