Our Mission

Smart Cities Advisors is a do-tank dedicated to sustainable and inclusive development and investment in the world’s fastest growing cities.

Our mission is to improve the viability of the developing world’s cities by emphasizing smart growth strategies through knowledge creationleadership development and exemplary investments.

Our clients and partners are all stakeholders in the city. We work with cities, developers, investors, builders, architects, civil society and others. With them, we aim to raise the visibility of and advance cooperation among forward-thinking professionals, companies and other market participants in developing country cities.

Our aim is to show that inclusion and sustainability in urban construction and property are good for people, good for cities and good for the bottom line. The triple bottom line.

Triple Bottom Line

Triple Bottom Line

By improving access to information, partners and investors, Smart Cities Advisors is working to help complete missing markets and promote strategic visions of the world’s developing smart cities.

How To Find Us

Smart Cities Advisors, LLC
PO Box 3360
New York, NY 10008
Phone: 1-347-979-7854
Website: http://smartcitiesadvisors.com
Email: admin@smartcitiesadvisors.com