The SCA Team

The Smart Cities Advisors Team

Lenora Suki, Founder and Principal, CAIA, LEED AP

Lenora is currently a senior strategist at Bloomberg LP focused on sustainable finance initiatives. She has been an investment strategist, advisor, researcher and project manager. Her passion for developing economies started 15 years ago at the World Bank, supporting the first lending programs to former Soviet Union countries. As an analyst at Offitbank, Lenora supported a portfolio of nearly $1 billion in global emerging market investments. While a fixed income strategist at Santander Investment, Lenora advised governments, institutional investors and private clients on capital markets, country credit risk, portfolio allocation and quantitative strategies.


Smart Cities Advisory Circle

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Smart Cities Interns

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Summer 2010

Rena Lee
Hillary Stuchin
Mengxi Wu

Spring 2010

Naama Lissar
Hillary Stuchin
Mengxi Wu

Fall 2009

Dana Frankel
Martha Kolokotroni
Alexander Toulias
Justin Fabrikant

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