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SAATH: New Business Models in Slums

SAATH is an NGO dedicated to creating change in the slums of Ahmedabad. By utilizing market-based strategies, SAATH’s efforts impact the lives of over 100,000 slum dwellers in Ahmedabad, as well as Gujarat and Rajasthan. One of SAATH’s compelling missions is “creating inclusive cities” so we were […]

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Debashish Nayak’s Tireless Crusade: Seeds of Economic Development and Urban Revitalization

Our time in Ahmedabad luckily coincided with Heritage Week, which gave us great opportunities to see the historic center and meet residents, NGOs, city officers, architects and designers, owners and others to learn about the evolution of the center of the city. One highlight was meeting Debashish […]

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Foliage Developers: How Developers Choose to Make a Difference

Giving low and moderate income working people the opportunity to buy decent, dignified housing is one of India’s most pressing needs, given the country’s 26 million some-odd housing deficit. By this point, we’ve met several organizations working towards that goal so we feel India’s low cost housing […]

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CEPT: Local Innovation, Learning and Advisory

In line with Smart Cities Advisors’ belief in local innovation and the importance of domestic leadership development in developing country cities, we went to the Department of Planning and Public Policy at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), one of India’s most established architecture and […]

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Yatin Pandya: An Architect Innovating for Inclusion and Sustainability

We went to visit Yatin Pandya of Footprints E.A.R.T.H, an architect noted for his career-long commitment to sustainability in cities as the head of research at the Vastu Shilpa Foundation for 20 years. His projects feature extensive use of recycled materials, participatory development and emphasis on low […]

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