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Green Mango Finding Local Business Development Fruitful

Arriving late and hot after a long day, Yasmina McCarty, co-founder of, a micro-business and micro-service search website in Hyderabad (and expanding), welcomed us with their inspiring story about creating markets for microentrepreneurs by combining online resources and traditional approaches. As Smart Cities Advisors is building […]

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Hyderabad’s Green Building Oasis Houses Business Interest in Green for Growth

The Confederation of Indian Industry, India’s most influential trade organization with over 7000 industry members, is working to leverage its reach and influence to promote sustainability, spearheading an industrial green movement in India. CII is also home to the CII Indian Green Building Center and the Indian […]

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Cities and the Resources for Local Capacity Building at the RCUES at Osmania University

Prof. Bhoopathi Rav at the Regional Center for Urban and Environmental Studies at Osmania University (RCUES) welcomed us warmly, eager to discuss the programs that the RCUES had been promoting to build capacity in urban environmental governance: (1) training, primarily of public sector officials in southern states […]

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What Is, What Could Be, What Should Be

Hyderabad is home to the glorious monument of Charminar. The monument itself is an important piece of history, culture, architecture and tourism. The neighborhood around it is another story all together… It never fails to surprise us how neighborhoods around key national monuments and tourist attractions in […]

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A Surprising Social Infrastructure Story: Indian School Finance Company (ISFC)

Our third unconventional meeting in unconventional Hyderabad was about another under-the-radar urban built infrastructure solution – schools. In this case, private schools are on the move in India – 60,000 of them in India and 3,000 in Hyderabad – and low cost schools are growing fast in […]

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Intellecap: Social Innovation Think-and-Do-Tank Spreads Out

Intellecap, the think-and-do-tank for social innovation capital, has leveraged its historic emphasis on microfinance to work across advisory and consulting firm to a range of areas from capital raising and investment banking to knowledge dissemination and business incubation.  We had primarily come to Intellecap to discuss their […]

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