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Kolkata’s Cutting Edge Urban Development Professionals

In Kolkata, Sukanya Hoon (VP Design at TCG Real Estate Group), Piyali Kundu (Senior Design Manager, TCG) and her friend, architect and urban designer Anjan Mitra of The Appropriate Alternative. Sukanya and Piyali’s responsibility for design and construction at the TCG Real Estate Group in Kolkata has […]

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Kolkata’s Urban Heartbeat

Park Street (Park Street-2 on google maps) is the heart of the city of Kolkata. It is the main commercial drag that connects with the administrative and main commercial area in the city. In spite of its location and relevance, most of its historic colonial buildings are […]

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Urban Treasures: Under-The-Radar in Kolkata

One of Kolkata’s special features among Indian cities is the way its cultural and historical fabric extends beyond a singular city center, or a walled medieval old town into several city neighborhoods throughout Central and North Kolkata. Most of these neighborhoods are dense districts providing housing for […]

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