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Business of Climate Change Workshop

On Monday June 27th 2011, the Rockefeller Foundation and Intellecap co-hosted a workshop at the Rockefeller Foundation in New York on “The Business of Climate Change”- focused on adaptation and resilience building in developing countries, especially in Asia. While urban centers around the world are now dealing […]

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Surat Commissioner Aparna: Thinking Big, Leading with Results

As the lead manager of India’s 9th largest city, Surat Municipal Corporation Commissioner Aparna has earned high marks from constituents and urban stakeholders for her efficiency and her progressive thinking on promoting inclusive, sustainable growth for Surat. Although only there for a short meeting, we were impressed […]

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Surat Heritage Group: Citizen Groups like KO Shah’s Try to Weave Heritage with Economic Development

KO Shah and his colleagues were introduced to us somewhat as heroes of citizen activism in heritage city development – a practicing engineer and architect working with and leading a representative group of private practitioners all working to promote the development of heritage sites in Surat. Their […]

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The Surat Builders’ Association: In a Fast Changing City, Varying Perspectives and Incomplete Information

As our arrival in Surat coincided with a regular meeting of the Surat Builders Association, we were able to discuss with several local developers Surat’s evolution and growth, their engagement with policymakers and their views on the appropriate ways for developers to get involved in the city’s […]

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Building Local Capacity, Creating South-South Linkages for Appropriate Development: The Case of SCET

We met with Professor Persi Engineer, Head of the Architecture Department, the Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology (SCET), to learn more about how academic and research institutions are engaging on the important issues driving the growth of Indian cities. This is especially important in the 2nd […]

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Business and the City: Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce Tells Us How Both Work Together for Inclusive, Sustainable Development

Kamlesh Yagnik and Chetan Shah, Chairman of the IT and Telecom and NGO Committees and past President, respectively, of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Surat, were our gracious and tireless guides in Surat. Our friends from the Rockefeller Foundation’s ACCRN held Kamlesh and Chetan, as well […]

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