Green Mango Finding Local Business Development Fruitful

Arriving late and hot after a long day, Yasmina McCarty, co-founder of, a micro-business and micro-service search website in Hyderabad (and expanding), welcomed us with their inspiring story about creating markets for microentrepreneurs by combining online resources and traditional approaches.

As Smart Cities Advisors is building an online platform to help develop inclusive, sustainable cities, we were interested in how Green Mango connects the challenge of creating new markets for microentrepreneurs. Yasmina explained the high impact aspects of Green Mango’s business plan that have both won them prizes (Echoing Green and the Cartier Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative) and early success and growth.

Green Mango is filling missing markets for information in places where word of mouth, social capital and informality drive information exchange. Green Mango also excels at adapting lessons from the microenterprise world to a technology-driven solution with social impact. Yet, it also recognizes the current low internet penetration and the coming transition to higher levels of connectedness. The network of the management of the organization helps as well, by being able to identify promising sectors for B2C information and being able to turn to partners in related areas like microfinance. Finally, Green Mango has implemented a clear business model that delivers concrete, quantifiable benefits to microentrepreneurs.

From the perspective of cities, Green Mango is an information technology tool that builds mostly urban livelihoods and ensures that the people who live in the cities, primarily in low and low middle income neighborhoods, can enjoy the benefits of India’s growth and its rapid technological advancement as well.

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