Hyderabad’s Green Building Oasis Houses Business Interest in Green for Growth

The Confederation of Indian Industry, India’s most influential trade organization with over 7000 industry members, is working to leverage its reach and influence to promote sustainability, spearheading an industrial green movement in India. CII is also home to the CII Indian Green Building Center and the Indian Green Building Council, which administers the LEED professional accreditation and building certification programs. CII also houses the New Ventures India program that promotes green business development in India. Swastik Banerjee, M Sri Rekha and Kanupriya Tyagi shared their infectious enthusiasm for the growth in interest in sustainability in the private sector with us, respectively – first, from the top down perspective of industry and the organization, second, looking at the building sector specifically, and finally, illustrating the initiatives under way to promote businesses in clean tech and other growing areas, like tourism and consumer products.

CII GBC Building is an example of leadership. To exhibit their commitment to the movement, CII’s headquarters are housed in a LEED Platinum building, designed and built by combining traditional Indian building principles and contemporary knowledge of green buildings. The CII-IGBC Center has become the core for the green building movement in India. The staff at the center is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the green building movement. We were given a tour by Rekha, who was as knowledgeable as deeply personally committed. The center is often the first stop for students and professionals interested in green buildings.

Due to its extensive membership, CII has access to most industry led innovations in the green building area. They are actively furthering this knowledge by actively partnering with institutions for further research and development on several green building aspects.

The building is designed in a circular form to reduce the amount of direct sunlight hence heat gain and to maximize the circulation on trade winds.

The building compounds have been designed to exhibit several green building elements, such as water harvesting, green roofs, daylighting, and natural air circulation.

The center also has an exhibition area open to the public that exhibits several upcoming green technologies and products. Our favorite were the ’Eatable Spoons’.

Reva – Center’s electric car

Reva – Center’s electric car

New Ventures India. This joint venture between CII-IGBC and the World Resources Institute in Washington DC promotes and incubates green businesses by providing business development support, mentorship and assistance with fund raising. Once again, CII uses its large industry member pool to match entrepreneurs with investors.

Overall, that trip to the CII-IGBC Headquarters gave us a sense of enthusiasm and a positive outlook on the future of the green movement in India.

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