ICF International: Promoting Energy Efficiency in India’s Buildings

Sanjay Dube is Senior Project Manager at the New Delhi office of ICF International, a leading global management, technology, and policy consultancy developing solutions and strategies for a range of development policy, energy and environmental issues. His office leads the consultancy’s energy efficiency and climate change policies in India. As primary consultant to the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Dube and ICF International helped the key government agency to develop the Appliances Standards and Labeling star rating system for energy use in common household electrical appliances.

With the team working on policy formulation and compliance issues for Energy Conservation Codes for New Construction and Existing Buildings in India, all proposed new construction using more than 500 KW of energy will have to comply with this code. Mr. Dube underlined the importance of compliance and enforcement to the effectiveness of the new building codes. Although they were already moving on to the development of an energy conservation code and building rating system for existing buildings in India, the lack of benchmarks for energy use, consumption and conservation in existing buildings in India was proving difficult. Dube’s team also supported BEE with a system of low-cost and no-cost building improvement and management activities for different building types to inform building users, energy managers and owners how easily buildings can be made more energy efficient and sustainable.

Organizations like Dube’s at the center of building efficiency in India have been confronting the proliferation of new organizations in the green arena providing only superficial knowledge and clouding industry dynamics. Lack of information and inadequate exchange of information has acted as a deterrent to more widespread adoption of green building practices and the use of ESCOs for energy conservation.

Dube had also observed the impact of a serious shortcoming in human and management resources in India, which was amplifying demand for consulting services in the urban development sector. The largest gap in this space, according to Dube, is a lack of professionals able to deliver comprehensive solutions for energy efficiency, sustainability and climate change. Gaps in workforce availability, education and training, as well as intensifying competition for services, were common themes that had come up in other meetings across the country.

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