SCA Blog Relaunch and 2014 New Activities

After almost two years’ hiatus, I am pleased to be relaunching the Smart Cities Advisors blog. In the past year, I accepted a role at Bloomberg LP managing strategy for the company’s sustainable finance activities, mostly in product management but also advancing philanthropic goals. Meanwhile, wearing my Smart Cities Advisors hat, I stopped offering advisory services and decided to focus on launching the Developing Smart Cities platform. The site has been in private beta for much of 2013 receiving feedback on design and functionality, slowly because of my new position, but the plan is to get it out the door as soon as possible now.

2014 promises to be exciting and challenging with new partnerships and a major event at the World Urban Forum:

  • On the partnership side, we look forward to working with Kecia Rust and her team at the Center for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa to create new content and continue raising the visibility of affordable housing and housing finance in Africa. Since 2007 CAHF has sought to be the leading hub of information and dialogue on access to affordable housing and housing finance in Africa and the most comprehensive source of information on housing finance in Africa. CAHF’s mission is to expand Africa’s housing markets for all of its residents, through the dissemination of research and market intelligence, supporting cross-border collaborations and a market-based approach.
  • At the World Urban Forum, Smart Cities Advisors will be presenting the networking session: “New Housing Entrepreneurs: Business Models That Integrate Inclusion, Well-Being and Sustainability” in the City Changer room. In this seminar, we plan to illuminate business and financing models that are not only making housing more affordable and accessible but also improving urban livelihoods, competitiveness and dynamism.

We are hoping to attract for-profit and non-profit enterprises and emerging leaders to share how social inclusion and environmental sustainability can be good business for housing companies. We are already identifying enterprises to be presented in this panel, but please be in touch if you would like to participate.

SCA looks forward to bringing you more stories of housing in “smart” cities and enterprise opportunities in 2014!

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