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Learn more about our flagship knowledge initiative: Developing Smart Cities.org, a platform for innovation, knowledge and networking for double and triple bottom line urban enterprises.

Other highlights:

  • More than 15 years of broad sector knowledge in emerging markets and developing economies with focus on affordable housing, urban regeneration and inclusive financial services
  • Due diligence and proprietary research in India, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines, Mexico and Colombia, among other developing markets in Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Extensive network in emerging and frontier markets in private sector, public sector, civil society and academia, as well as among impact and mainstream investors and the major development finance institutions
  • Ground-breaking proprietary diagnostic and evaluation framework for analyzing the alignment of affordable housing companies and projects with sector-specific environmental, social and governance principles


Read our case studies about Smart Cities Advisors advisory to social businesses and impact investors – pioneers facing start-up and market entry challenges in early stage, developing markets.

  • Strategic guidance on framing the company’s mission, financial objectives, competitive landscape and risk management in the context of meeting social, environmental and governance goals
  • Market intelligence and business development plans for entry and leadership in non-transparent markets while providing responsible and responsive services and products to lower and moderate income market segments
  • Intensive engagement with senior leadership, Board members and investors to educate about company strategy and integration of mission-aligned business strategies
  • Company representation on

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