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Lessons from “The Town That Loved Its Bank”

The lessons from The Town That Loved Its Bank in the Sunday New York Times yesterday hit home for me and, I think, should provide some insight into the challenges of philanthropy and investment in the effort to build stronger urban communities. Not an unusual setting for […]

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Culture and Urban Regeneration

Not all city center revitalization projects are big-budget, high-end and large scale. Urban heritage districts need revitalized housing, market and commercial areas, social infrastructure, physical infrastructure and services to rebuild deteriorating communities. They also need cultural institutions. This New York Times article is a great example of […]

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Debashish Nayak’s Tireless Crusade: Seeds of Economic Development and Urban Revitalization

Our time in Ahmedabad luckily coincided with Heritage Week, which gave us great opportunities to see the historic center and meet residents, NGOs, city officers, architects and designers, owners and others to learn about the evolution of the center of the city. One highlight was meeting Debashish […]

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Surat Commissioner Aparna: Thinking Big, Leading with Results

As the lead manager of India’s 9th largest city, Surat Municipal Corporation Commissioner Aparna has earned high marks from constituents and urban stakeholders for her efficiency and her progressive thinking on promoting inclusive, sustainable growth for Surat. Although only there for a short meeting, we were impressed […]

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Finding and Filling the Finance Gaps: International Finance Corporation and Affordable Housing

Subrata Dutta Gupta – or DG, as he’s more often known – at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Mumbai summed up a great deal about our research so far in India. DG is the IFC’s housing finance specialist in India. With long experience running a mortgage […]

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Urban Treasures: Under-The-Radar in Kolkata

One of Kolkata’s special features among Indian cities is the way its cultural and historical fabric extends beyond a singular city center, or a walled medieval old town into several city neighborhoods throughout Central and North Kolkata. Most of these neighborhoods are dense districts providing housing for […]

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