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Building innovation for the BOP: Experiences in Israel

Pyramid Scheme, appearing in one of Israel’s main newspapers,, offers an instructive look at the intersection between innovative architecture, building and affordable housing and models that might unite diverse social, design, environmental and business objectives. This residential project, the Pyramid building in Be’er Sheva‘s Dalet, Israel, […]

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The International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Joyita Mukherjee of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) office in New Delhi has the exciting job of identifying projects and extending advisory in India with large scale environmental impact. As the private sector lending arm of the World Bank Group, IFC’s program objectives aim at inclusive growth […]

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Business and the City: Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce Tells Us How Both Work Together for Inclusive, Sustainable Development

Kamlesh Yagnik and Chetan Shah, Chairman of the IT and Telecom and NGO Committees and past President, respectively, of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Surat, were our gracious and tireless guides in Surat. Our friends from the Rockefeller Foundation’s ACCRN held Kamlesh and Chetan, as well […]

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