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Park Your Investment and Make Change

With daily news from Egypt focused on unrest in the country – the kind of long-term pent-up frustration that comes from entrenched social, political and economic exclusion – I was fortunate to come across the work of the Historic Cities Programme of the Aga Khan Trust for […]

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Debashish Nayak’s Tireless Crusade: Seeds of Economic Development and Urban Revitalization

Our time in Ahmedabad luckily coincided with Heritage Week, which gave us great opportunities to see the historic center and meet residents, NGOs, city officers, architects and designers, owners and others to learn about the evolution of the center of the city. One highlight was meeting Debashish […]

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Surat Heritage Group: Citizen Groups like KO Shah’s Try to Weave Heritage with Economic Development

KO Shah and his colleagues were introduced to us somewhat as heroes of citizen activism in heritage city development – a practicing engineer and architect working with and leading a representative group of private practitioners all working to promote the development of heritage sites in Surat. Their […]

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