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Mi Casa Es Tu Casa – Mexican Housing Day 2011

With research and writing assistance from Estephani Garcia The eighth annual Mexican Housing Day (February 10, 2011) in New York City and London gave the government, financial institutions and publicly listed (not the vast majority of unlisted developers and builders) housing developers a chance to crow about […]

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McKinsey Quarterly Highlights BOP Market Potential

Not for the first time has McKinsey or other major strategy consulting firm emphasized the potential in BOP markets in developing countries. The numbers cited in Early consumer product winners in the developing world could score lasting gains are compelling on their own. Add a little urban […]

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Global Real Estate Ups and Downs

Along with the very modest global economy recovery, most developed countries around the world have started to see their housing markets stabilize or, at least, decline more slowly than past quarters. Most emerging markets, on the other hand, especially in Asian cities, have experienced rapid acceleration of […]

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Developers Venturing Toward Urban Retrofits and Rehabs: Axis Spaces Pvt. Ltd.

Meeting with Santosh Awatramani and Jayesh Rukhana, Directors at Axis Spaces, opened our eyes to the world of small and mid-sized developers in Mumbai, a city where India’s largest industrialist and corporate families seem to call the shots. Not to mention that most development projects in the […]

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Hard Truths About the Indian City: Prakash Apte’s Tough Love

Prakash Apte’s tough love for Indian cities sums up all the good and bad of policy and private sector. As an urban development consultant and Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects and the Institute of Town Planners, he has worked as a former project chief for […]

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