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“Building” on SOCAP 11: Urban Housing and Infrastructure (Part 1)

Hard to believe it’s been two weeks since SOCAP11 – the conversations following our panel “Investing in Home: The Role of Housing and the Built Environment” continue and are generating insights into how social enterprise, impact investment and housing/urban investment intersect (and don’t yet). Many of us […]

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Park Your Investment and Make Change

With daily news from Egypt focused on unrest in the country – the kind of long-term pent-up frustration that comes from entrenched social, political and economic exclusion – I was fortunate to come across the work of the Historic Cities Programme of the Aga Khan Trust for […]

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India Developing Domestic Debt Markets for Infrastructure

India’s finally moving forward to promote domestic currency debt markets to facilitate infrastructure investment,  as reported here in Reuters. With 10-year term and 5-year lock-in,  India will have some major benchmark issues to help drive the growth of local bond markets. The lack of debt financing vehicles […]

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Urban regeneration and the World Cup in South Africa

World Cup winners in the Financial Times weekend Home section highlights the kickstart that big events like the World Cup can give to urban regeneration projects – a theme that’s increasingly getting play in Brazil as well. While world sport events conjure up images of unused white elephant […]

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The Surat Builders’ Association: In a Fast Changing City, Varying Perspectives and Incomplete Information

As our arrival in Surat coincided with a regular meeting of the Surat Builders Association, we were able to discuss with several local developers Surat’s evolution and growth, their engagement with policymakers and their views on the appropriate ways for developers to get involved in the city’s […]

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Business and the City: Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce Tells Us How Both Work Together for Inclusive, Sustainable Development

Kamlesh Yagnik and Chetan Shah, Chairman of the IT and Telecom and NGO Committees and past President, respectively, of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Surat, were our gracious and tireless guides in Surat. Our friends from the Rockefeller Foundation’s ACCRN held Kamlesh and Chetan, as well […]

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