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Debashish Nayak’s Tireless Crusade: Seeds of Economic Development and Urban Revitalization

Our time in Ahmedabad luckily coincided with Heritage Week, which gave us great opportunities to see the historic center and meet residents, NGOs, city officers, architects and designers, owners and others to learn about the evolution of the center of the city. One highlight was meeting Debashish […]

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P.K. Das and the Grass Roots Open Space Revolution

Our timing for meeting P.K.Das, an eminent architect and urban planner in Mumbai, couldn’t have been better – on the eve of the Bandra Festival, which celebrates the Bandra neighborhood and its reclaimed waterfront. Our meeting was well-timed because P.K.Das was one of the pioneers of the […]

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Cities and the Resources for Local Capacity Building at the RCUES at Osmania University

Prof. Bhoopathi Rav at the Regional Center for Urban and Environmental Studies at Osmania University (RCUES) welcomed us warmly, eager to discuss the programs that the RCUES had been promoting to build capacity in urban environmental governance: (1) training, primarily of public sector officials in southern states […]

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HUDCO’s Hopes for Heritage and Rehabilitation

SCA met with Ramesh K. Safaya, Executive Director for Works & Disposal at the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO), a techno-financing institution with an additional lending mandate, to talk about his passion and support for heritage preservation, affordable housing projects and workforce training, which has included […]

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Center for Policy Research: Driving the Urban Sustainability Policy Agenda

Partha Mukhopadhyay, Senior Fellow at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi, is one of the central figures driving the urban agenda of this long-established, independent and non-partisan research institute and think-tank. While Partha’s research focuses on economic development, urban transportation and sustainability issues, the CPR’s […]

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