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Initial Public Offering for India’s Experimental New Urbanism Settlement

It’s fascinating to see that India’s Lavasa project is planning to raise up to 20 billion rupees (or $425 million) in equity on the Indian stock market in an initial public offering (India’s Lavasa to file papers for $425 mln IPO – Reuters) out of a total […]

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Global Real Estate Ups and Downs

Along with the very modest global economy recovery, most developed countries around the world have started to see their housing markets stabilize or, at least, decline more slowly than past quarters. Most emerging markets, on the other hand, especially in Asian cities, have experienced rapid acceleration of […]

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China’s Cup Runneth Over

What happens when a developing country city finds itself in the grips of scarce land supply, developer land grabs and massive overbuilding of luxury housing – not to mention a free-flowing spigot of government money? Shanghai and Beijing! Kenneth Rogoff, now at Harvard, formerly IMF Chief Economist, […]

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Taking the Road Less Travelled in Noida

To visit Spectral Services consulting offices, we traveled to the outer reaches of Noida (Noida on google maps). A satellite city, now a suburb to Delhi across the River Yamuna, Noida has experienced explosive growth. Now, the Delhi Metro connects to Noida, and there is new construction […]

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