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“Building” on SOCAP 11: Urban Housing and Infrastructure (Part 1)

Hard to believe it’s been two weeks since SOCAP11 – the conversations following our panel “Investing in Home: The Role of Housing and the Built Environment” continue and are generating insights into how social enterprise, impact investment and housing/urban investment intersect (and don’t yet). Many of us […]

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Real Estate Talks Green in New York

A green building summit I went to held by Bisnow here in New York pointed up how much the concept has picked up momentum in the business world and how the vocabulary of business and green in building and real estate is evolving as a necessary tool […]

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Merging Business Strategy and Green Building in India

This Live Mint article on Crisil’s new HQ in Hiranandani Gardens in Mumbai’s northern suburbs highlights how perceptions of green building are changing in rapidly growing developing cities like Mumbai, how a business merges its strategy with its environmental footprint and how green building projects are adapting […]

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Starchitect Gehry critiques LEED, supports government and grass roots initiatives for sustainability

PBS’ Need to Know show drew some elaboration from starchitect Frank Gehry on recent controversial comments about LEED. His feelings about sustainable building as something distinct from LEED certification underline growing concerns, not just in the US but abroad as well, about the certification’s shortcomings, among which […]

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Can LifeSpaces for the Few Be a Reality for the Base of the Pyramid? Mahindra Considers

Basant Jain, Vice President at Mahindra LifeSpaces, was working through a knotty challenge when we arrived. As a senior manager in powerhouse conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra’s property business, which has developed several million square feet of residential and commercial space, the company has already scored major commercial […]

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Spectral Services: Booming Services for Sustainable Building

Our meeting with Shreshth Nagpal, Assistant Manager at Spectral Sustainability Group at Spectral Services Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi, was a warm welcome because Shresht and I were in the same class at architecture school in Delhi. Shreshth has since worked as an environmental engineer in NYC […]

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Clearing the Air at the Paharpur Business Center

Roopali Shahney, General Manager at Paharpur Business Center (PBC), and her team at the Paharpur Business Centre (PBC) are breaking new barriers in green building development. This PBC building, which provides business incubation spaces in the green retrofit of a 20-year old building in Nehru Place, will […]

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Sanjay Prakash Talks about Real Green Projects and Local Capacity Building

Sanjay Prakash is pushing the edge of the envelope for the new generation of Indian cities. Having practiced architecture and city planning for over 30 years in India, his firm, Sanjay Prakash & Associates, a private architecture and design consulting firm, has offices in Delhi and projects […]

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Brainstorming with India’s Infrastructure Brain Trust

I was privileged to be invited by my friend Ritu to join the 3i Infrastructure Network’s brainstorming session for the annual India Infrastructure Report, whose theme for 2010’s tome is the transition to a low carbon economy and sustainability in infrastructure. This collection of some of India’s […]

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