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Investing in Knowledge: Karen’s Takeaways from the Summer

I am sincerely grateful to have spent these past four months supporting the work at Smart Cities Advisors.  Lenora introduced me to the space of social enterprise and impact investing – a movement aligning profit with purpose, and directing market mechanisms toward social impact.  What I take […]

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Amplifying Innovation in Our Cities Ourselves: A Review on Two Urban Exhibits in NYC

In cities everywhere, our own New York City included, communities are developing a myriad of ways to live together resourcefully and comfortably. These innovative mindsets in sustainable urban living are undoubtedly necessary to ensure the recovery and continuation of human society on Earth; as William Gibson said, “The future is here. […]

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What Does Multinationals’ Consumer Goods Strategy Have To Do With Inclusive Real Estate?

Capturing the world’s emerging middle class in the McKinsey Quarterly looks at consumer goods in rapid growth emerging markets and doles out advice to multinationals wanting to compete in these markets, but there is much here for domestic and international real estate developers and homebuilders to consider. […]

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Lessons from “The Town That Loved Its Bank”

The lessons from The Town That Loved Its Bank in the Sunday New York Times yesterday hit home for me and, I think, should provide some insight into the challenges of philanthropy and investment in the effort to build stronger urban communities. Not an unusual setting for […]

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Talking about Delhi’s Nullahs with Manit Rastogi at Morphogenesis

Manit Rastogi has a watery dream. Rastogi is the Principal and Founder of Morphogenesis, an Indian architecture and interior design firm internationally recognized for its work in commercial, residential and institutional architecture, green building, urban design and planning and interior design. As head of the Sustainable Urbanism […]

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Yatin Pandya: An Architect Innovating for Inclusion and Sustainability

We went to visit Yatin Pandya of Footprints E.A.R.T.H, an architect noted for his career-long commitment to sustainability in cities as the head of research at the Vastu Shilpa Foundation for 20 years. His projects feature extensive use of recycled materials, participatory development and emphasis on low […]

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P.K. Das and the Grass Roots Open Space Revolution

Our timing for meeting P.K.Das, an eminent architect and urban planner in Mumbai, couldn’t have been better – on the eve of the Bandra Festival, which celebrates the Bandra neighborhood and its reclaimed waterfront. Our meeting was well-timed because P.K.Das was one of the pioneers of the […]

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Taking the Road Less Travelled in Noida

To visit Spectral Services consulting offices, we traveled to the outer reaches of Noida (Noida on google maps). A satellite city, now a suburb to Delhi across the River Yamuna, Noida has experienced explosive growth. Now, the Delhi Metro connects to Noida, and there is new construction […]

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Sanjay Prakash Talks about Real Green Projects and Local Capacity Building

Sanjay Prakash is pushing the edge of the envelope for the new generation of Indian cities. Having practiced architecture and city planning for over 30 years in India, his firm, Sanjay Prakash & Associates, a private architecture and design consulting firm, has offices in Delhi and projects […]

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