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Talking about Delhi’s Nullahs with Manit Rastogi at Morphogenesis

Manit Rastogi has a watery dream. Rastogi is the Principal and Founder of Morphogenesis, an Indian architecture and interior design firm internationally recognized for its work in commercial, residential and institutional architecture, green building, urban design and planning and interior design. As head of the Sustainable Urbanism […]

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ICF International: Promoting Energy Efficiency in India’s Buildings

Sanjay Dube is Senior Project Manager at the New Delhi office of ICF International, a leading global management, technology, and policy consultancy developing solutions and strategies for a range of development policy, energy and environmental issues. His office leads the consultancy’s energy efficiency and climate change policies […]

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K Raheja’s Big Bet on Green

Shabbir Kanchwala, Executive, Project Coordination, Prashant A. Rajhans, and their employer K. Raheja, had been mentioned in several previous conversations about green buildings, specifically about greening existing buildings in India. K Raheja wouldn’t normally be associated with green, though, as one of India’s most successful commercial and […]

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P.K. Das and the Grass Roots Open Space Revolution

Our timing for meeting P.K.Das, an eminent architect and urban planner in Mumbai, couldn’t have been better – on the eve of the Bandra Festival, which celebrates the Bandra neighborhood and its reclaimed waterfront. Our meeting was well-timed because P.K.Das was one of the pioneers of the […]

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Developers Venturing Toward Urban Retrofits and Rehabs: Axis Spaces Pvt. Ltd.

Meeting with Santosh Awatramani and Jayesh Rukhana, Directors at Axis Spaces, opened our eyes to the world of small and mid-sized developers in Mumbai, a city where India’s largest industrialist and corporate families seem to call the shots. Not to mention that most development projects in the […]

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