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Inclusive and Urban – Design With The Other 90%: Cities

Innovative responses to the complex challenge of urban poverty, Design With the Other 90%: Cities, are on exhibition in at the United Nations Headquarters lobby. By merely choosing to exhibit “concrete” improvements in the livelihoods of the world’s poor, The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum exhibit breathes […]

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SOCAP Panel Preview: Greg Giornelli, Purpose Built Communities

Greg Giornelli is President and COO of Purpose Built Communities, a nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, GA that supports holistic community redevelopment focusing on mixed-income housing strategy, cradle-to-college education, and supportive services.   Through their Purpose Built Communities Network, they provide guidance and technical assistance to foundations, community […]

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Talking about Delhi’s Nullahs with Manit Rastogi at Morphogenesis

Manit Rastogi has a watery dream. Rastogi is the Principal and Founder of Morphogenesis, an Indian architecture and interior design firm internationally recognized for its work in commercial, residential and institutional architecture, green building, urban design and planning and interior design. As head of the Sustainable Urbanism […]

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Cutting Edge City Watchdogs: Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI)

Meeting Omkar Gupta, Director at the Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI) in Mumbai, brought us to the cutting edge of independent research on urban development in Mumbai. Their annual publication, ‘Mumbai Reader’, is a collection of essays on leading ideas for change in development, urban design, preservation […]

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P.K. Das and the Grass Roots Open Space Revolution

Our timing for meeting P.K.Das, an eminent architect and urban planner in Mumbai, couldn’t have been better – on the eve of the Bandra Festival, which celebrates the Bandra neighborhood and its reclaimed waterfront. Our meeting was well-timed because P.K.Das was one of the pioneers of the […]

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Hard Truths About the Indian City: Prakash Apte’s Tough Love

Prakash Apte’s tough love for Indian cities sums up all the good and bad of policy and private sector. As an urban development consultant and Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects and the Institute of Town Planners, he has worked as a former project chief for […]

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