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Designers Give A Damn But Does The Money? Yes!

Architecture for Humanity has now posted sign-like-you-give-a-damn-live”>updates and media files from Design Like You Give A Damn: Live! DLYGAD Live unites designers, architects, planners, community based NGOs, public sector practitioners and a few investors to reflect on smart, responsive, inclusive design in marginalized communities. In this alone, it achieves what few […]

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Building It Right The First Time – Demolished Hopes in China and Beyond

A recent report by the Chinese Daily draws attention to issues of building and policy standards for public housing. Six new government-subsidized apartment buildings in Beijing were demolished by public officials due to faulty building materials and improper reinforcement. China plans to build 5.8 million more government-subsidized apartments over the course of […]

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Green Materials in the Spotlight

Smart Cities Advisors has been researching the hot space of green building materials of late. According to NextGen Research, green building materials were globally a $455.3 billion market in 2009 and were predicted to become $571 billion market by 2013.  In developed markets, diverting reusable materials from […]

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Real Estate Talks Green in New York

A green building summit I went to held by Bisnow here in New York pointed up how much the concept has picked up momentum in the business world and how the vocabulary of business and green in building and real estate is evolving as a necessary tool […]

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Merging Business Strategy and Green Building in India

This Live Mint article on Crisil’s new HQ in Hiranandani Gardens in Mumbai’s northern suburbs highlights how perceptions of green building are changing in rapidly growing developing cities like Mumbai, how a business merges its strategy with its environmental footprint and how green building projects are adapting […]

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Healthy Housing Information Resources in the US

The National Center for Healthy Housing in the US (NCHH) has just released a new suite of training and informational resources to help affordable housing professionals adopt sustainable and healthy building practices with funding from the Home Depot Foundation. Their resources feature case studies, fact sheets, webinars […]

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The International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Joyita Mukherjee of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) office in New Delhi has the exciting job of identifying projects and extending advisory in India with large scale environmental impact. As the private sector lending arm of the World Bank Group, IFC’s program objectives aim at inclusive growth […]

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Yatin Pandya: An Architect Innovating for Inclusion and Sustainability

We went to visit Yatin Pandya of Footprints E.A.R.T.H, an architect noted for his career-long commitment to sustainability in cities as the head of research at the Vastu Shilpa Foundation for 20 years. His projects feature extensive use of recycled materials, participatory development and emphasis on low […]

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Trying to Intersect Green Building and Disaster Resilience at the World Bank

Meeting Saurabh Dani, a disaster resilience specialist at the World Bank (see also disaster risk management at the World Bank), seemed like it might be an unusual departure for the Smart Cities Advisors research trip. Still, I wanted to follow the hunch that disaster resilience wasn’t even […]

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